Anonymous said: my username is Victoria24fans How do you do the icon ,header and the background for Ariana and Victoria

Please credit @RelatedAriana if you use.

Color code for background: #FFFFFF

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bethanyandpewdiepie said: how do u make the white border icons?

Sometimes the photo already has the white borders so and I really don’t know tbh

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hopefulgomez-deactivated2014051 said: Can you make me a Ariana grande icon. I would like it to be a recent one or something and Ariana header {@HelpfulAriana}

Please credit me at: @RelatedAriana if you use.


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OH MY GOSH !! So many of you love my icons, headers, and backgrounds! Thanks al of you for following me and giving me 100 followers that makes me so HAPPY! I love you all!

xoxo, Shana @RelatedAriana

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Anonymous said: @SelenaFan117 i want something with flowers it should be pretty :) cause i love flowers if it's possible

Credit me at: @RelatedAriana if you use.

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